“The Bold Blondie” was a nickname given to me by a very angry pro-abortion advocate on social media. She sarcastically called me “bold blondie” after she threatened my life and wished that I would someday be raped and have to face the choice of aborting the baby that resulted from that rape.

Her comments are becoming the norm as I fight against evil on social media but the name stuck. I became “The Bold Blondie” on this blog, my socials, and I started a Podcast.

It may be my face on the blog and my story being shared but this ministry is about a community of Christian Women who are humbling themselves daily to the Cross. We do not conform to society and even western progressive “Christianity” that says we are to love self. No. We reject this. We submit to the Ultimate Authority of Scripture and Scripture Alone, which tells us over and over to die to self.

We are a community of women who are honest about our wretchedness. We are sinners who have been saved by GRACE. And though we are being Sanctified, we are raw in sharing our disobedience as God’s children. Until we are glorified with Him in Heaven, we will not be fully free from our sin nature. We don’t claim to be without sin – for that would make us liars. We openly encourage and share God’s Word to help combat our flesh and satan’s tactics. Repentance is key. I pray daily that God would give us a Holy hatred for our sin.

We cling to Romans 8. Though sinners, there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. NONE!

We are a community of women who love God and desire for Him to use every part of ourselves for HIS GLORY.

We care about the Gospel message being preached – BOLDLY and without fear of rejection, being called names, being threatened, and even being hurt.

We are wives and mothers who take these roles very seriously. We do not battle for leadership in our homes but know that it is the husband’s Biblical duty to lead and ours to submit. We are not offended by submission. We know it is good because it is ordained, created, and established by the Lord.

We desire to raise our children up to know God. We educate them with the Word and do not fear the world, with its wicked schemes to destroy innocence. We trust the Lord with our littles and do our part to educate them in Righteousness.

We are wretched women who have JESUS and we want to share Him with the world.

We fight against progressive and new-age influences in the church.

We fight against the execution of babies in the womb.

We fight against the sexualization of children.

We fight to protect marriages in a time where emotional and physical affairs are at an all time high.

We know that true spiritual warfare is a war against TRUTH. Our weapon is the Word of God. May we know it, love it, and live by it.

This is what The Bold Blondie is all about. I am so glad you’re here Sister.