Truth Matters

Hello friends, I want to put a small disclaimer here.

I believe 100% that the Bible is absolute truth. I believe that there is sound doctrine and true theology matters.

I will share preachers and even books on my blog that inspire my faith, are used to teach and encourage, and other resources to help women in their faith but I do not agree with everyone’s doctrinal beliefs.This is why knowing your Bible personally is so important. Knowing what the Bible says about important issues like salvation will allow you to listen to preachers who you may disagree slightly on the interpretation of Scripture with and you’ll be able to still glean from the message without being falsely taught.

Below is my stance on Salvation and the Word of God.

I believe that everything came into existence by Yahweh. He had no Creator. He was, is, and always will be.

I believe in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit are all one and different in the same. 3 in 1.

I believe that Jesus was never created. He is the Great I AM. He is Yahweh. He is the Son of God.

I believe in a “young earth” Creation, meaning that the earth is not millions of years old. The earth is still very young. I believe there was a worldwide flood, documented in Genesis.

I believe the Bible is without error and was directly inspired by the Lord.

I believe Jesus came to earth, fully God and fully man, and died – taking on the wrath that belonged to us. I believe He then rose from the dead and appeared to many people before His ascension. I believe He is coming back for a final judgement where unbelievers and believers will be separated, the earth will be destroyed by fire, and Christians will be with the LORD for all eternity, while unbelievers will be cast into a very real eternal hell, along with satan and his demons.

Never take my word or anyone’s word when it comes to the Bible. BE IN THE WORD YOURSELF, INQUIRING WISDOM, DISCERNMENT, AND TRUTH by the Spirit.