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spilling the tea on all things Christianity today!!!

Hany, my co-hostess, and I have been friends for going on 14 years.

We met at Bible College and have been doing life together in different seasons ever since.

Hany and I have a very sweet, raw, and unique friendship. Biblically, she’s the Jonathon to my David. But I’d be the Jonathon in the story and she is most certainly the David. 😉

For over a year we discussed starting a vlog together (video blogging) but it never went further than dreaming around the kitchen table, siping Diet Coke, and laughing about the most random things that probably are only really funny to the two of us.

A few months back (writing this in August 2019) we started discussing the Vlog idea again and one day Hany’s husband suggested we do a Podcast instead.

That small but brilliant suggestion got our heads spinning and everything fell right into place.

THE CHRISTIAN TEA, a corny play on the word Christiani-tea and using the new “spilling the beans” term “spilling the tea”, we started this Podcast.

We want to have meaningful, vulnerable, and Biblical-driven conversations about the world we live in and Christianity.

What is the tea (the news) on Christianity today?

What’s going on in our churches, our government, our culture that relates to Christians and what subjects has the church universal avoided discussing that NEED to be openly talked about: porn, homosexuality, modesty, masturbation, etc.

Now don’t worry, not every episode is going to discuss topics that may make you blush and faint. We want to talk about EVERYTHING related to Christianity and so much of that is positive topics.

We pray that you’ll join the Holy Spirit’s leading as we record and publish weekly episodes and spend more time digging deeply into Scripture and Christ-centered things.

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