Pink Advocacy

Getting involved in the war on Aboriton can seem scary and intimidating because the Left and the Pro-Choicer’s voice can be so loud and even hateful.

Being a Christian and having the Holy Spirit actively living inside me means that I do not have a Spirit of timidity but of power and strength. 2 Timothy 1:7.

Alongside Prayer and getting involved in my local pro-life organization I decided to use my Platform to speak out against the legal daily murder of human beings.

Everyday I wear something pink to bring awareness (it’s conversation starter: “Why are you always in pink?”) and not allow one day to go by where I am not reminded to pray for the end of abortion in the United States and eventually the World.

So, why Pink?

I have a real problem with a lot of modern day feminists and what they stand for. In my opinion, a true feminist would stand up for all women, including the unborn women.

So, I wear pink.

Follow along as I take my multicolored wardrobe to a mostly Pink one. Yep, it’s a little crazy but not only does my 4w3 personality welcome this kind of quirky but I am this passionate about standing up for truth.