Welcome to one of our families biggest trials and opportunities to show God’s continual provision.

Our oldest daughter, KP, was born with something called HIP DYSPLASIA.

WEBMD states:

Your hip is the biggest ball-and-socket joint in your body. That means the ball of your thigh bone (femoral head) fits into the socket of your pelvis to form your hip joint. If your hips are normal, the ball rotates freely in the socket to let you move.

But if you have dysplasia, your hip socket doesn’t completely cover the ball of your thigh bone, causing your hip joint to easily dislocate.

It also wears your hip joint out faster than normal. Imagine a tire that’s out of balance on a car. The tread on that tire will wear out sooner than it would if it were properly aligned.

Most people who have hip dysplasia are born with it. Doctors usually check for it in newborns, and during each well baby visit until they’re 1 year old.

Shriners Hospital was the instrument that God used to literally save my babies life.
As it turned out, our little baby girl had one of the most severe cases of Hip Dysplasia. Her left leg was not attached to her hip at all. The top of her femur, the ball of the top of her leg was resting on tissue and muscle only. She would drastically limp when she walked.
We were told she was going to be needing surgery very soon so that she couldn’t grow anymore – causing more permanent damage as her bones grew.
We were so happy for answers, so angry at every Dr. who saw her previously, but immediately jumped into action on how to handle going through a big surgery for our three year old.
We knew her post surgery care was going to be really hard for her.
She would be in a spica-cast for 8 weeks and we lived in FL. So she was going to have to be indoors for the majority of the Summer.
She was potty trained but with the way a spica-cast goes on and the weight it brings, she had to wear a diaper at all times so the cast wouldn’t get wet.
No more baths or walking. 8 weeks of no moving around unless she was pushed in a wheel chair.
So, we went to Sea World and Disney World before her surgery to get some good memories in before the surgery and post care began.
I decided to tell KP everything about what was happening and what to expect. It was so hard explaining to a three year old surgery and medication and preparing her that she would be in pain at times but I wanted no surprises for her. And I am so glad I went this route.
Before surgery we would watch YouTube videos of other children who had hip dysplasia. She got to watch kids in their casts and after surgery.
We took her favorite Belle doll and made a Spica-Cast for her. We talked about her upcoming surgery everyday and made it somewhat of a positive thing. She was going to get her leg fixed and we had to go through some hard things to get to the best thing.
Her surgery lasted a little bit more than 8 hours. It was one of the hardest things Ive ever gone through – just waiting and knowing I couldn’t hold her while she faced her biggest trial yet.
But because we had talked SO MUCH about what was happening and what was going to happen, she wasn’t surprised when she woke up from surgery and was in a cast. She knew what it was and again, I am so glad we watched videos together so she knew a little what to expect.
My baby girl has so much grit! We didn’t always have easy days but her attitude through this was something I’ll never forget. She was so happy and positive through it all.
Our friends built a special table that she could sit in with her spica-cast.
Then came SURGERY 2.
And we’re going to be coming up on Surgery 4 very soon.
I wish this was a quick one time fix but it isn’t. My baby girl is going to be dealing with her hip and leg for the rest of her life.
But Wow is God so good and He has taught us to lean on Him, to come together as a family, to let our pride fall down and allow other people to come alongside us and help, and that we should never take our health for granted.
KP is so strong and she is so motivated and beautiful. She has giant scars that can’t always be covered up but she doesn’t even try to. They tell her story and she is proud of them.
Her strength truly comes from trusting the Lord. She knows she has to go through tough times to get to the other side and during the tough road, God is right beside her and so are we.
I’ll be keeping my blog updated with her story and upcoming surgery. 🙂