My Official Farewell to BODY POSITIVITY

I knew this post was coming but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to write it…until now.

This is my official farewell to Body Positivity…at least the movement as so many of us know it.

BODY POSITIVE MOVEMENT according to Google.

Body positivity is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image, while challenging the ways in which society presents and views the physical body. … Body positivity has roots in the fat acceptance movement as well as the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

I found acceptance in the BOPO Community. I felt that I was able to showcase my larger body with confidence and receive praise because ultimately, I was going against Society’s norm, and women found it to be refreshing.

A larger woman isn’t encouraged to photograph herself and show off her body. In fact, Society forces the exact opposite.

Bigger women need to work off their large bodies, at almost any cost, and once they do they should PROUDLY show their “AFTER” selves.

Weighing in at almost 270 lbs. and being able to proudly and boldly show my reality, without shame, was empowering and even healing.

I thought I would be fighting for the body positive crusade for the rest of my life and then something almost extraordinary happened.

I lost weight.

I’ve lost over 50 lbs. by treating a chronic illness I have with the Keto Diet.

This is when I started to feel differently towards the community I had found so much praise and support from when I looked like this:

Once upon a time, losing 50 lbs. would’ve had me in complete tears. Like, wow! I did it! I’m disciplined. I’m more attractive. I am happier.

But this time, losing 50 lbs. had me feeling guilty.

I started being told through messages and some comments that I was triggering women, that they started following me for true BOPO and now I’m backsliding, that I shouldn’t even mention “keto” because I am 100% supporting toxic Diet Culture, etc.

So losing weight, a natural side effect to treating my body with respect, almost seemed an offense to a lot, not all, of the BOPO community.

This really really turned me off but that’s when God swooped in and spoke more truth into my heart about my body positive journey.

I really think God allowed me to go on this journey, to dive all into the idea that women should love themselves at every size and every weight, because He knew I’d end up here.

And this is when He hit my heart with this:

Every woman, you Jill, should love ME at every weight and every size.

My journey took me from thinking less of myself to thinking less ABOUT myself.

I’ve realized that my body really is nobody’s business and me fighting alongside other women who, in the name of body positivity, are making their bodies other people’s business was only hurting my worship and posture with God.

Body Positivity is a pride issue.

I seriously cannot believe I just wrote that sentence. lol.

But it’s true.

Whether I am thin, fit right into Society’s standard of Beauty, and show that all off for admiration or I am large and showing off how proud I am of my skin…there is PRIDE in self.

Pride is satan’s logo.

It’s his calling card. It’s His poker-tell.

It’s all about pride with satan.

Just read Ezekiel 28 and the account of satan’s fall from Heaven.

“Your heart became proud on account of your beauty.” vs.17

The more I’ve been leaning into the Holy Spirit and seeking God in my life the more I have been deeply reflecting this choice I made to be a Christian.

Being a Christian isn’t just knowing God, reading the Bible, saying prayers, going to church…No, it’s enlisting yourself into the greatest war EVER.

I don’t want to be like my Heavenly Father’s enemy. I don’t want to be proud of being a larger woman in a world that tells us big girls to stay in the shadows. I don’t want to lose weight and be proud that I accomplished what Society celebrates most. I don’t want to be focused on myself.

I want to enjoy fashion and make-up because those things have there place in glorifying Jesus.

I love watching my daughters play dress up and twirl in their tutu’s. I love seeing them look in a mirror and make the sweetest face because they feel pretty. It makes my mother’s heart so warm. Even my little two year old sees her hair done with a big bow and wearing a frilly dress and exclaims with glee “Oooo!!!” when she sees herself.

God loves when we twirl and skip and feel pretty…because we ARE pretty. This was never supposed to be up for debate…for ANY woman.

But satan comes in with his all time oldest lie and says “Did God REALLY say… that you’re made in His image? That your appearance to the world’s standards don’t matter…that you were carefully knit together in your mother’s womb…that your beauty should be in what honors God…are you sure it’s not supposed to be about your weight and physical features?”

I bought the lie. I’ve bit that lie so many times and chewed on it and swallowed it. Threw it back up and did it all over again.

All this to say, I am saying goodbye to the movement that touched my heart so deeply.

I want women to KNOW that their beauty is sooooo deep and soooo wide because it’s absolutely rooted in Biblical truth. This I’ll continue to preach and humbly be a role model in.

I want women to be able to live their lives in freedom: going to the pool in a bathing suit, not hiding their fat, not obsessing over losing weight NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO TEACH SOCIETY ABOUT “THE RULES” but because they have freedom in Jesus and don’t even need to acknowledge the “rules.”

As Christian women, we’re exempt from the world’s opinions and definitions. They claim beauty is one thing but we don’t follow their teachings. We follow Jesus, the creator and definer of beauty.

I’m ready to stop discussing our bodies in terms of “plus-size” or “skinny.”

You have permission dear one to not play in the world’s game of labels. And I do too.


In God, you can be still. You can focus on the Gospel, fighting the good fight, working on becoming a prayer warrior and listening for the Holy Spirit’s voice.

You can be God’s daughter and delight His heart by living a life that celebrates His beautiful craftsmanship in who He created you to be.

God knows who you are.

Satan knows who you are.

Do you know who you are?

This is one of my battles to fight in a much greater battle.

I have chosen to pick up my sword, God’s Word, and fight for women’s beauty.

I’ll still discuss makeup, fashion, health, our bodies. These are good things when they’re in their proper place of priorities.

I am going to be challenging myself and you to become Biblically Beautiful, which is a whole harder ballgame than deciding what mascara works best and what foundation perfectly matches your skin tone.

Your flesh is going to work against you. The world may publicly mock you. Like me, you may lose friends and followers.

It costs, sometimes everything, to follow Jesus.

Moving forward with this blog and my social media, The Bible is our make-up palette. This is where we gather all the tools to transform ourselves in Christ as the best kind of beautiful.

This kind of beauty only grows with maturity and no disease or blemish can touch it.

“Let the King be enthralled by your beauty; honor Him, for He is your Lord.” -Psalm 45:11