Meet Jillian

Hello Ladies!! I really hate writing bios (they give me anxiety, lol) but I know it’s important to have on your site and so I’ll give it a go. Just know I am really glad you’re here. Anything and everything I share, I pray God uses it for His glory and His glory alone.

This is my husband, Jacob. To say we have had a fairytale romance and marriage would be a big fat lie. We have been separated and almost divorced. It is only by the power and mercy of Jesus that we stayed together. I’m so glad we did because he is not only my very best friend but I love him so deeply. We were two immature Bible College sillies when we got married but we have matured and grown into a couple that loves each other very very much and more importantly desires to honor God with our marriage.

I share a lot of posts about sexual sin and purity in marriage because of my past sins and the disobedience in myself that led to so many problems. I do not want this for anyone and so I openly share and encourage women to be pure, yes -pure while married.

When I was a very little girl I would tell you that I wanted to be a Mommy more than anything. Even in High school when other girls were dreaming of college and careers, I was dreaming of being a homemaker and a Mom.

God has been very gracious and blessed us with 2 beautiful daughters: KP & Presley. We also have 3 very loved children in Heaven: Jamie, Shiloh, and Magnolia.

Miscarriage support is very close to my heart and I know how that grief can cause crippling pain. I am here to love and encourage any women going through miscarriage and those continually grieving. I am still grieving. It’s completely normal to never “get over” the death of your child. We can grief and still praise God through the pain together ladies.

Godly Motherhood is something I am always digging into. We DO have a manual Mamas – God’s Word!!! We have been gifted these little lives to teach about God. Their salvation is not up to us and not a burden for us to carry but we will be held accountable for how we raise them and what they learn under our parenting.

No education is more important than teaching them God’s Word. We do homeschool and spend a lot of time discussing the Lord and digging into the Bible. I am nowhere near perfect and need to die daily to the selfish things I want to do with our time and remember that educating our children about God is not just a “good thing” but a commandment.

Our oldest daughter, KP, was born with hip dysplasia. She has had four major surgeries and we’re not done yet. She has taught me so much about strength and relying on God during hard times. We pray that God will always use her and her story to honor Him and show how GOOD He is, even during painful trials.

At the end of 2020, I realized that my weight issues were due to unrepentant sin in my life: the sin of gluttony and having a food-idol.

Weighing in at 275 had me crying on the bathroom floor and realizing that unless I tackled my sin, I would never get better. No diet or workout program could help. I needed and still need JESUS.

After going to my knees and repenting of my continual sin: turning to food instead of God for comfort, binge eating when I knew it wasn’t good for me, body abuse through bulimia and going on extreme diets, etc. I have started Intermittent Fasting to help work on my self-control. I am not dieting but I am choosing foods I know to be healthy for my body and not eating a bunch of junk.

I am working on exercising and treating my body with respect. I know this honors God and helps me have the energy to do all the things I need to do in my day.

As I am writing this, I am in week 3 of my I.F. Journey and have lost 10 lbs.

I share a weekly weigh in on Instagram and FB for accountability. 🙂

Apart from the Gospel, I am most passionate about abolishing abortion. My heart stirred and broke over this issue when I was in middle school. I attended a pro-life session at my church and was never the same.

As an adult woman, I have gone from the Pro-Life movement to the Abolitionist Movement. You can find details at the top of my blog all about it.

A few other fun facts:

  • I do consider myself Reformed. “The American Gospel” was used by God to completely change my life and my theology.
  • Paul Washer and Jeff Durbin are my favorite Pastors to listen to.
  • I have cat named Socks that is incredibly special to me.
  • I love old classical movies.
  • Elisabeth Elliot is the Christian mentor I never got to meet but one day will in Heaven.
  • I love fresh flowers. Peonies and Roses especially.
  • My favorite animal is the cow. lol, yes seriously.
  • I might have a slight obsession with the color pink.
  • I used to be a newspaper edior/journalist but am now a full-time homemaker and homeschool mama.
  • I have some postpartum hair loss and after bleaching my hair for a few years, it was so badly damaged that I shaved it and have been letting it grow back out completely naturally. I wear wigs while my bio hair grows out, without having heat applied to it – for styling. It’s about to my shoulders now but wigs are so much fun, I still wear them.
  • I love Apologetics and Theology debates/lectures. Dr. James White and Justin Peters are two of my favorite people to listen to.