Ladies, we are not here to obsess over our looks, our weight, how attractive we are or aren’t. Our purpose is not to have every man want us and every woman want to be us.

Our insecurities are weapons, attacks, by the evil one to keep us focused on self. The world is shallow and petty and it’s beauty standards are cheap and focused primarily on a sexualized fantasy of women that does not honor how God created women to be honored.

The great news is that it is possible to play with make-up and hair, love fashion and dressing up and have it all glorify the Lord.

When we submit our hearts to loving God with our whole beings and we choose to be obedient to Him – we can choose outfits and styles to bring Him glory.

He didn’t create flowers and stars and the ocean and sunsets not to be admired. They’re to showcase God’s amazingness. It’s even more so with us! We are actually made in His image and in His likeness. And we are to showcase His incredible and most beautiful design.

I want to share my outfits and make-up with you so that we can bond over girly things and most importantly honor our Heavenly Father.

I will be addressing body positivity on my blog as well. It’s a VERY important subject that needs to be discussed from a Biblical standpoint.

May any beauty that is seen in me only be a reflection of the One who created me.