Dress Your TODAY Body

Alright ladies, I TOTALLY believe in dressing for the body you HAVE and not holding out for the body you WANT.

There is no reason to be ashamed of the size clothes you wear.

  1. No one sees your tags except you.
  2. It’s just a number.
  3. Smaller does not equal Better.
  4. I need to repeat that: SMALLER DOES NOT EQUAL BETTER.
  5. Clothes that fit are always more attractive then those that do not.

I started this journey wearing a size 18/20.

I am no longer ashamed of this because I LOVE my clothes.

They fit my body and I feel pretty in them.

I used to just wear oversized outfits because I thought that was better than showing I had fat rolls. I’m pretty sure all it did was make me look frumpy and maybe even larger than I was in the first place.

Now I don’t hide my fat. My body is beautiful and it is NOT my job to appeal to everyone else’s attractions.

If you find me pretty, great! If you don’t, then great!

Someones opinion does not change my beauty or value.

We’re all attracted to different things in people and I am okay if someone or lots of someones don’t find me attractive. That’s not my mission in life.

I shop mostly at Thrift stores but I definitely LOVE me some plus size stores/sections.

TARGET has a wonderful selection of Plus Size outfits and swimwear.

Back when I had long brown hair, I wore a lot of GwynnieBee! 

This adorable Kimono comes from a boutique called Lucy and Co

One of my favorite pieces comes from Wild Flower Plus Clothing

I shop at our local Plato’s Closet mostly. They have a fantastic Plus Size section and I always find the cutest pieces for very inexpensive prices.

This dress came from our local Good Will for $20. The original price tag was still attached and it originally cost $98! Such a score!

There are other GREAT stores out there that have amazing PLUS SIZE options: JustFab, Torrid, Maurices, and Forever21 to name a few.

There’s no excuse for not wearing clothes that fit your body that you have TODAY!!!!

You deserve to feel cute and fashion is such an amazing way to express yourself!

Get rid of clothes that do not fit and start investing in items that do!

You’ll feel so much better going out. I promise. 🙂

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