How to be a Mom-Boss for God’s Glory

Hello sweet Mama’s!!! How many coffee cups are you on so far today?! 😉

I know life can be chaotic with children, school, cleaning house, marriage, church, ministry, making food, running errands…is there time in there for a workout…what about a social life?

We can be busy and on top of all that so many Mama’s are working to make some extra money. It can be A LOT and it can be EXHAUSTING.

As Christian women we can sometimes look at the Proverbs 31 woman and give her the stink eye. HOW!?!?! How does she do it?!!?!?!?!??!!?

Well, the secret really isn’t a secret at all.

The Proverbs 31 woman, let’s call her Annie, simply worked for God.

That’s it. No big surprise. No “gasp” dramatic moment.

Whatever this woman did, she dedicated it to the Lord. It’s written all over that chapter and this is how we need to be a “mom boss” too. We need to be about JESUS and not about elevation of self.

Going after our dreams are great but do these dreams bring honor to the Lord? You may need to do some reflection on that, pray about it, seek the Lord.

The point is:

Jesus is our first love, focus, and priority as Christians. At least, He is supposed to be. We can fall so short sometimes, huh? But this is how it’s intended to be when we die to self and hide our lives in Christ. HE BECOMES OUR LIFE.

We do not pencil Jesus in! Oh my gravy, I used to think like that but it’s so backwards. We do not schedule in Christ. EVERYTHING, yes I mean EVERYTHING needs to be penciled in around HIM. He comes first.

Below is an Instagram pic and caption I wrote:

Ladies, as Christians Jesus needs to be our TOP PRIORITY where He is our daily life and everything else gets made time for around Him and our devotion to prayer and studying Gods Word … and evangelism.
Yes, even over being a mother and a wife.
Check out Luke 14:26 to read what Jesus says about where He needs to fit in the line of your family and friends. It’s very strong language.
JESUS IS FIRST and we need to stop believing that being Christians is a sometime thing or a part time thing.
It is our life! We give up our lives to be made new in Christ!
Any other teaching that says you’re the center of the universe or even God’s universe is unBiblical.
God is for God’s Glory.
His great love for us goes back to HIS Glory!
It all goes back to God’s Glory.
Our days need to be about Him and every thing else fits in around it. 💕
As always, I would never encourage something I am not myself working on and growing in.
I have failed miserably ladies at drawing close to God daily in prayer and in studying God’s Word but my desire is to be different.
Mark 10:29etc. I want to leave it all for Him.
And the beauty of it is – being so hidden in Christ will flow over into being wives and mothers and daughters and workers and women!
Jesus 1st ladies – everything else 2nd.

It’s all true.

So whether you’re running a business or running after a toddler, whether you’re cleaning up after your family or folding mountains of laundry – we do it ALL for God and for HIS GLORY – not our own.

We need to keep the focus in focus.

I promise the more you give your time and energy and activities over to God, the more fulfillment you’ll receive because JOY will overflow in your heart. And true JOY isn’t contingent on positive circumstances and so you’ll never truly feel empty – because your life is not about you but JESUS!!!!

SO, thats how we mom-boss for God’s glory.

Whatever we do and yes, I mean WHATEVER, do it to honor God.