Hey friends!!!

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…because I am pretending you’re just as excited about this as I am. 😉

Our Homeschool Space Reveal.

First, some BEFORES.

This room, in our new house, became a dumping ground for all things books and such while we got the rest of the house put together and all our things unpacked.

We have a pretty large den at the other side of the house where our family TV and entertainment space is located.

Our girls are attending ABeka Academy Online and so they have DVDs to watch for their schooling and all their books/workbooks/tests etc.

ABeka Academy is accredited and keeps records of all their grades, which is super amazing!

So, really we needed a space for all our books and a space for them to be able to watch their school DVDs and do work.


So, with a lot of consideration we decided to make it a cozy space for learning and mostly reading.

We have to order some chairs for the table but otherwise we’re all ready to go next week to start our homeschool year.

Do you homeschool? If so, what curriculum do you use? Tell me about your homeschool life.

2 thoughts on “HOMESCHOOL SPACE: Before & After

  1. Julia Irvin says:

    What a lovely space! Very cozy and inviting.
    We have a home library area that is a part of our homeschool space that is cozy for reading, too. We also have a separate room with a table to work at, carts with each kids curriculum books and supplies in it and our computer desk. Space wise for us, it just ended up as two separate spaces, but it works well for us.
    The main curriculum that we use is by Geomatters and is called Trail Guide to Learning. I have one in the Paths to Settlement and two in the Paths of Exploration. For reading and spelling we love All About Learning. And for math we love Math-u-See.
    I hope it’s a wonderful year for you and that you enjoy that homeschooling space!


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