My daughters have been begging Jacob and I to go to Red Lobster? Why?

Of course because of the cheddar biscuits but mainly because they wanted to try lobster for the very first time.

My beautiful babies are ages 10 and 8. For this post and every one going forward we’re going to call my 10 year old: KP and my 8 year old: Miss Grace (this is what she gets called when she’s in trouble, lol. Grace is her middle name.)

The girls both finished their entire homeschooling workbooks for the beginning of Summer and so we decided to surprise them and treat them to Red Lobster.

I heard a comedian one time say that he took his kids to Red Lobster and told them that it was Sea World. lol!!! I can’t not laugh when I see the live lobsters in the tank. Which one did he tell them was Shamu I wonder? 😉

Thankfully the restaurant had a kids portion of a lobster tail and so it didn’t end up costing us $500 to feed everyone such a fancy lunch…yes, Red Lobster is fancy to this would rather have $1 street tacos Mama. 

The girls got their lobsters and at first were shocked that the shell was still attached. I was cry laughing at their expressions.

Once we instructed them on how to eat them, each got a fork full, dipped it in the steaming butter, and took their first bite of delicious sweet goodness.

Their lives were changed!

By the end of the meal, they were basically licking the shell. So gross.

KP: “I want lobster every day!”

Miss Grace: “Me too!!!”

Jacob and I laughed as we thought about what life would be like if we could afford to eat lobster every day.

On a minister’s salary, yea…not in the cards for our family but it made me think:

As a mother, I wish I could bestow on my daughters every yummy and wonderful thing they could ever want. Not to create little brats but because I love them and desire for them to never be without. I’d love to be able to allow them to eat lobster whenever they craved it. I’d love to always get them the new cool toy or the fastest bike or even the new iPads they’re asking for.

Again, not to spoil them (NOT TO SPOIL THEM!!!!! LOL.) but just to provide even the wonderful things they just want and don’t need. I love them. They’re my little heartbeats walking around.

But I can’t. I never will be able to provide all the goodness I’d love to shower them with. And my heart sank. Not thinking about the STUFF they’ll never have but just the idea that I cannot give them everything they would want or need in life.

And then the Holy Spirit nudged my heart.

Jacob and I will never be able to give them lobster on the weekly. It will have to remain a special treat for special occasions.

But Jacob and I have given them the BEST news, the BEST gift, the BEST reward, the BEST goodness there ever was or is and that’s Jesus.

I’m not kidding you all, I was immediately overwhelmed with tears thinking about all the earthly riches I’ll never be able to provide but all the eternal ones that I’ve given my girls knowledge of. How can I feel like a failure as a provider, a mother?

My babies know Jesus. They worship God. They have been given the Gospel and have chosen Christ even at such young ages.

And the God that they love and serve CAN AND DOES outpour all the true riches that we should ever seek and desire: unconditional love, grace, mercy, compassion, Fatherly discipline, holiness, sanctification, forgiveness, hope, the CROSS!

Mama’s, let’s keep things in perspective.

Your kiddos, as much as you love them, may not have the nicest and newest clothes or car or iPhone or toys…

Your kiddos may never get to visit Disney World or understand what going on vacation means…

Your babies may have to work harder than others for every single physical possession they own…

Your kids may not have big Christmas’ or Birthdays…


If they know Jesus…Oh wow, they are the wealthiest children alive. They have the true treasure.

Christian parents, let’s continue to pour out God’s Word into our sweet babies hearts and lives. Let’s lead by example and show them how to be men and women who love and obey a Sovereign God. Let’s cover and shelter them in prayer and fasting.

These are the true riches that I want them spoiled with.

I am so thankful for the lesson God reminded me of in the Red Lobster parking lot.

God will use anything friend, to remind you of HIS glory and majesty and goodness, even some lobster. 😉

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  1. Kendra Johnson says:

    Great post! Thanks. Very inspiring. And a needed reminder! Keep it up! Keep telling your stories and relating the Truth of scripture. You are changing hearts and lives by being transparent, brave, and insightful! Love you Jillian. ❤️

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