Guilt Wasn’t Meant to be Felt w/ FOOD

You know the feeling…

You’ve committed to eating better or being on a diet, maybe one that’s strict. There’s big NO-NO’s if you want to stay on the diet…diets like Keto, Omni, and Whole30.

You’re on this diet or food regimen and you start craving one of those foods that have been labeled BAD: Sugary, Carb Loaded Goodness. And you start having internal conflict. What will happen if you have one bite? What will happen if you just choose this as your one cheat meal? What if you eat this now and workout harder tonight? What if you blow the diet today, get all your favorite foods in as a goodbye feast, and you’ll start again tomorrow?

You start to question your discipline. You fantasize about gaining weight. You have a sinking feeling in your stomach and all joy is stripped away as you battle with yourself on whether or not to eat the “bad” food.

You may even bring others in on the decision. Ask your husband “What do you think I should do?” And then you may get mad at their answer.

And Heaven forbid you actually give into your craving, you scarf the food down, and then the guilt really sets in…maybe not right away but it does.

Friends, this is a nasty and toxic behavior that needs to end.


I realized yesterday as I was battling my own food guilt that I FEEL more guilty over what goes into my mouth than some of my Sin.

Read that again.

I FEEL more guilt over what foods I eat than I do over some of my actual sin.

That is some twisted and messed up thinking!

But it’s honestly our environment, the society we live in. We are trained to be afraid of gaining weight and we’ve been taught that our bodies/our cravings cannot be trusted, that some foods are BAD and some are GOOD, and therefore WE are either BAD or GOOD based on what we eat.

When the Bible talks about GUILT, it is in reference to SIN.

Eating certain foods are not a sin issue.

They are absolutely 100% NOT!

And with all the real things we probably should be focusing on feeling guilty over, FOOD shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ve done the diet thing my whole life and I did Keto last summer to help with my chronic illness. It did help. I lost weight. I felt good. But guilt was around all the time. The battle over “cheating” was always there.

Can you imagine if I had that same reaction when it comes to cheating on God with my choices, my time, my attention, my priorities?

So, how do we break these behaviors and this way of thinking?

For me, it’s to stop dieting. I can’t allow satan to use FOOD as a way to distract me from what I should truly feel guilty over.

We need to unlearn and relearn: our bodies CAN be trusted.

And we have to stop obsessing over our looks. I know that all those times I went on a diet, my priority was 85% to look better – be more attractive – get thinner for appearance…Not for my actual HEALTH but TO LOOK GOOD.

The next time you start to feel guilty with food – STOP – and pray, think about what you’re feeling and why, make a choice, and move on. DO NOT LET GUILT REIGN THERE. Destroy it. It doesn’t belong in your eating world. Period.