FEAR of the Quarantine Weight Gain

Happy Quarantine day like…umm, 45…27? I don’t even know anymore.

One of the trending things right now are memes…Quarantine memes. They’re hilarious.

I keep wondering what this would all be like if we were going through it before the days of social media?

How many of us would have read the entire Harry Potter series by now? Some of you Christians are like “Ahhh Harry Potter? Never!” lol. But you get my point.

A lot of the memes going around are ones about gaining weight while being stuck at home.

I get it, they’re funny. I made one about food too…

But here’s the thing…FAT isn’t a joke and it’s been made to be one of the BIGGEST (pun intended) Jokes in America. See, how easy it was for me to do it just there?

I have Fat. I am over 200 lbs. And the fear of weight gain is REAL but you know what I’m afraid of if I’m really being honest? How I’ll LOOK and not what it may do to my body health wise. No, most people’s FEAR OF FAT is what they’ll look like, not what’s a possibility of what that weight gain could do to their organs.

Fat is seen as lazy, unattractive, gross, and a waste of a person’s life…potential…abilities…dreams.

“Oh the things you could do if you’d just lose the weight!!!!”

“Doors open for skinny people that fat people just can’t get through.”

“The world rewards Beautiful people.”

“You’re pretty for a big girl.”

When you contribute to FEAR of getting FAT and you share that fear, even in jest, it can be hurtful to people who are already bigger or struggling with an eating disorder.

It would be like sharing leprosy memes with people who have leprosy.

Some of you want to chime in that being FAT is a choice. But Is it?

I have this friend, we’ll call her Joy. Joy is a size 2. I am a size 18. Joy and I eat the same kinds of food and similar portions. Joy’s metabolism is amazing. Me? I gain weight just looking at a donut. Would anyone look down on Joy for eating the way she does? Probably not. Maybe a nutrition snob but for the majority, no. She’s tiny. She can eat whatever she wants. No judgement. Me? Someone sees me eating Mc.Donalds, the same meal Joy eats, and I’m gross and unhealthy and contributing to the problem and should abstain and diet.

After a woman has a baby and has extra weight on her body…was that her choice?

For the woman with PCOS, on depression medication that makes you gain weight…for the woman with an underlying illness that has her put on weight, etc.

I promise, as a woman who has been 127lbs. – 267lbs. WEIGHT GAIN is not black and white and it’s not contributed to only eating “bad” foods.

I also promise you as a woman who was bulimic for a time, weight gain fear can be crippling and can make you go to extreme measures not to have it happen. You have NO clue who you could be triggering or influencing to stay in their eating disorder by sharing “DON’T GET BIGGER” messages.

My point is, you’re not just making fun of an idea. You’re making fun of people. You could be hurting people.

There is no need to be afraid of gaining weight during quarantine.

Will you gain weight? Maybe.

But Here’s what you CAN do:

  1. Don’t keep foods in the house that you’re not comfortable with snacking on. Boom! “Problem” solved.
  2. Don’t share the Fat memes. They can be silently hurtful.
  3. Think HEALTH – not APPEARANCE. This way you can work on not having a FAT is UGLY mentality.
  4. Move your body. You can continue to take care of your body while at home.
  5. STOP. We’re all going through something new and even scary with this virus. Stop adding pressure to the situation by fearing what you’re going to look like coming out of this. There are more important things to be focused on than our appearance.

I want you to hear my heart…

I want to encourage women to get out of their heads, out of the comparison game, and break up with insecurities. It’s hard to do that when there’s SO much focus on BEAUTY being tied to body and physical features. 🙂

If you want to talk about being Healthy during Quarantine, you can ABSOLUTELY do that without bringing GETTING FAT or FATTER into it.

Stay Safe friends.