Do You Consider Yourself A High-Value Woman?

Before starting this blog, I read some other posts about “High-Value Women” and some of them had me MAJORLY rolling my eyes.

One website said that a High Value woman doesn’t eat fast food or even add salt to her food.


Reading that made me want to drive to Mc.Donalds and write this blog post while dipping my EXTRA SALTY fries into my Mc.Flurry!! YUM.

This website also said that a High Value woman doesn’t get anxious.


I’m anxious right now! lol.

Not only do I have ANXIETY at times but I have a chronic illness that has me visiting the bathroom MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY and that causes LOTS OF ANXIETY because it’s hard when you’re in public and don’t know where the nearest bathroom is!

So, come on website...Y’all got it very very wrong!

Here is what TRULY makes a HIGH VALUE woman.


1 Corinthians 6:20

Jesus, who was completely Holy and without sin, became sin and died for you. He paid for your salvation, your heart, with His very life.

A High Value woman KNOWS and BELIEVES that her life, her soul, has been paid for at the highest price anyone could ever give and not only was it the highest price but it was GOD’S very life that was given.

Once you have that foundation you are able to start moving down the road of respecting yourself as such a valuable treasure.

This is what I am working on now in my own life and one of the ways I am treating myself as valuable is…

Allowing myself to walk away from toxic relationships, commitments, and behaviors. 


Oh man, my heart needs some major hedges. I have lived 33 years basically throwing my heart at people. Like: “Here! Catch! Catch my heart and throw it around!!! Weeee!!!!” 

And then some people drop it and smash it and some have even thrown it away. Ouch.

I’m left hurting and in pain and wondering where I went wrong…until someone else comes along and I pick my heart back up and toss it to them.



It’s a VERY HARD LESSON but I have learned not to allow people access to my heart who have not proven to be trustworthy and safe.

This is not anti-Christian. Jesus never said to share your deepest emotions, pain, and feelings with EVERYONE in order to love them. Reserve that deepness for few people who are safe, secure, and truly truly unconditionally love you.

Ending relationships can be EXTREMELY PAINFUL…Like, it can cause emotional and actual physical ache. I’ve had to end a friendship just this year and even though it’s been months and months…it can still hurt.

But because I am practicing valuing myself and also because I value the friend as a cherished woman of God, we both needed to be out of each other’s lives, and so that decision is a good thing, even though it doesn’t always feel good.

 I have also made bad choices but then STAYED in those decisions because I am trying to be a committed person, even when those choices are hurting me and my family.

Think like volunteering for something you should have said NO to but you said YES and now it’s becoming more than just a commitment, it’s causing issues in your life. Walk away friend.

Now, I am not encouraging you to leave people high and dry. It IS very important to follow through but if something it seriously draining you to the point that your marriage, your children, and your very heart is being destroyed in some way…WALK AWAY!

Your sanity, your health, your heart, your stress levels, your marriage, your children, your ministry, your relationship with Jesus is WORTH the pain of breaking off toxicity!!!

Don’t continue to hang onto poison, believing that because it’s a slow death but it tastes good that it won’t actually kill you. Sweetie, it’s POISON. It IS killing you. Let it go. Whatever it is, let it go.


I was going to continue to add to this list but I think I am going to leave this post with just that point for now.

Ladies, you ARE High Value women. It’s time to start believing it and respecting yourselves as the treasures you all are.

Invite Jesus to help you cleanse your life of cobwebs, skeletons, and goblins.

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!!

A High Value Woman is going to protect herself while giving of herself to show Jesus’ love to the lost and broken.

The Holy Spirit will show you how this is possible and it may take practice. Ask Him to help you. Listen for His prompting.

I’d like to hear your thoughts. What do you think of when you think of a High Value Woman?