Your Insecurities Are Literally Destroying You

Sometimes I lose my focus and God has to bring me back into a centered place, adjust my attitude and thoughts so I can see clearly again.

Body Positivity, for me, is not so much about loving your body so you can have the confidence to wear what you like and go where you want.

It’s so much deeper than that.

I believe that satan has waged war on women (and men) and his attack point is on our bodies.

When we don’t feel good in our skin…well, it can have a damaging effect on everything around us: our relationships, our jobs, our pursuits, our goals, our worship.

Satan is smart. I mean, wow, is he stinking smart.

He knows that if he can whisper insecurities into your life about your body image and your appearance that it goes straight to the very place you feel your worth and value.

It’s really a direct attack on God because we are created in His image and in His likeness and satan wants to break that down as far as you’ll let him.

And boy do we let him.

For me, I went to bulimia, I went to depression, I went to having an affair type relationship while my husband and I were separated, I’ve had suicidal thoughts, I stopped going to church or reading my Bible for 9 months, I became incredibly lost….and it really can be tied back to how I viewed myself and my constant obsession with my body.

Sound shallow?

It’s not. It’s serious. It is very very serious.

Women are struggling more and more as Society and the Media continue to push false beauty standards.

Women are feeling less beautiful and worthy and more chaotic and hopeless.

If we don’t do something about these insecurities, these lies, they are going to eat us alive and spit us out.

Ladies, Jesus wants so much more for us.

The world and it’s promises that being skinny and fit will bring joy, love, companionship, advancements, and successes are empty promises.

Only Jesus can truly fulfill you and bring joy, blessings, and an abundant life.

I often wonder why Christian women seem to be some of the most insecure?

I’m not judging because I have been one of them (and still struggle) but shouldn’t we be the most confident?

Honestly, we know our purpose, our Creator, the lies that satan tells. We know that true beauty is found in the heart. We know the truth. We claim to live by it…to maybe die by it.

So why do so many of us listen to a world about body image and beauty that also openly mocks our Savior and Lord?

Why are we drowning in our body insecurities, just grasping for affirmation that we aren’t garbage, deserving to be tossed away and forgotten unless we’re shiny and pretty?

It’s time to fight back.

You must break down the lies that you believe about yourself.

Your weight is not an issue when it comes to your worth and beauty.

Your size is not an issue when it comes to your worth and beauty.

Your features are not an issue when it comes to your worth and beauty.

Your beauty is SO MUCH MORE than anything that can be described about you physically.


Believe it.

Live it.

Show it.

Ladies, our value and worth is SO great. Can you imagine if that’s how we lived our lives? Not obsessed over getting skinny or getting toned but obsessed with Jesus and showing His AWESOME-ness?

Can you imagine waking up with a confident spirit knowing YOU were worth God’s very life? He died for YOU, specifically.

HE KNOWS YOU BY NAME. Every hair on your head and on your legs (lol, for those of us who are just tired of shaving). He knows every single tear drop you have cried. He knows your inner most feelings and thoughts. And He CARES about them.

How can we feel unvalued? Gross? Ugly? Disgusting? Unworthy?

Our lives were bought at a price and it wasn’t so we could go throughout them striving to obtain some worldly standard of beauty and sexy.

That is not our purpose.

We can overcome our insecurities and it starts with clearing your mind and allowing the truth about God, about you, and about your purpose take over.

The insecurities you listen to and believe have already robbed you, they’ve taken so much of your life. It’s time to fight back.

It’s time to be women who stand up for truth and it starts with you.

1 thought on “Your Insecurities Are Literally Destroying You

  1. Amy Howard says:

    Jill, this is so TRUE, and I am fed up. It seems to never end. I was told I was ugly very early on in my life simply because I struggled with my weight. As an adult, I’ve done my best to keep weight off due to all the pressure – NOT because I wanted to truly love myself and accept myself and RESPECT myself and be HEALTHY. Now, as I go through an early menopause, there are new things the world and the devil want me to believe. Namely, “now you’re old, used up, and you’re getting fat,” “Now you’re ugly,” “Now you are never going to be seen as pretty or sexy again,” “There’s no way you should ever show certain parts of your body again – until you lose this extra weight – because it’s gross and no one wants to see your real age.” “That waistline is everything, and now that yours is wider you can’t possibly look good in any clothing so just wear oversized everything so no one can see it – put their comfort over your needs.” “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips – so don’t eat this or that!” I could go on…

    But then I found out the truth: as we go through menopause, our bodies *necessarily* put on an extra layer of fat around our organs TO PROTECT US!! This is by God’s design!! Holy moly… and I was believing lies that allowed me to reject God’s best for me – his loving protection over my body!! THAT was a serious eye opener. ?…

    Thank you for speaking out about this. We are ALL God’s creation – at each and every stage of our lives. He blesses us with these bodies – these TEMPLES for His Holy Spirit to indwell. Shift the paradigms and start believing the truth about ourselves because we are princes and princesses of the one and only royal kingdom whose truth will never fade!❤️

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