Do You Have Food Insecurities?

Food Insecurities!!!! Ah! Yes, it’s a thing…a big thing.

 I have usually always been the largest girl in my circle of friends.

And my friends, with a few exceptions, are super healthy. They don’t drink soda and they usually order things that are more on the healthy side. Veggies and Meat. Not much else.

So yea, being the fat friend and the one who is ordering fried everything with multiple sides of ranch didn’t always feel so great.

If I was skinny and ate that way it would almost be celebrated. I’ve heard people say to my really skinny friends comments like: “Where does all your food go?!” “I’d give anything to have your metabolism!” “I wish I could eat like that.”


If you’re a big girl, it’s almost like you’re judged for eating anything “bad.” Like you’re providing the evidence for why you’re large.

And then if you choose to eat a salad or something considered healthy people assume it’s because you’re trying to lose weight.

Being a big girl, you really can’t get away from being judged by what you eat. It was hard to live with. It made eating in front of certain people really difficult.

This is one reason my binging increased. I wouldn’t eat much in public but at home I would stuff my face, even after I was full. Home was safe and I didn’t feel judged.

Food insecurities aren’t just for plus size women.

I know if you’re a smaller girl, you probably get judged for what you eat as well.

I have a girlfriend who is very tiny naturally, extremely petite. She told me that people make comments to her like: “Wow, you should eat a cheeseburger!” or “You’re toooooo skinny. Eat something.” People assume she’s anorexic even.

That’s got to be just so hurtful.

And this is one reason why we ALL have to just dump the insecurities about we eat and what people think.

If someone is going to judge you for your plate, they need to find more important things to be concerned about. That’s on them and it’s most likely coming from their own insecurities.

Enjoy your food ladies!

If you want a donut. EAT THE DONUT!!!!

If you want a salad, eat the salad!!!

Your food choices have nothing to do with anyone else.

It’s about listening to your body and filling it with nutrition and enjoying what you eat.


Life is too short to add insecurities into what we’re eating and what people perceive about it.

Bon Appetit!

7 thoughts on “Do You Have Food Insecurities?

  1. Nancy says:

    Yes! Im going for Mexican today ?

  2. Hope says:

    YOU are amazing and beautiful! Thank you for the honest and wonderful message! I constantly get people critiquing me at work if I am eating a dessert or carry in food at work and it gets SO old! I am the one who does usually bring the healthy salads and snacks, home cooked meals, and fruit BUT I can eat some dessert sometimes too! SO YES I WILL HAVE THAT DONUT AS WELL <3 Hope,

  3. Viano Dee says:

    Feel you! Truth is people will always talk either way. I remember when I was skinny, everyone wanted me to eat. I did, then I blew up everyone started judging and complaining. I some pounds and I feel fine. Don’t intend to lose more and don’t care what they say. I’m doing me.

  4. Krista says:

    I’ve always been a chubby chic, and to me that’s okay. Some days I eat healthier meals and other days I have burgers and fries, but every day I eat sweets. So I’m right there at the donut shop with you woman! But yes when I was more closely monitoring my food intake and food tracking and if I had a dessert at the office people would ask “are you allowed” to have that. So yup – those comments can become annoying for sure.

  5. Madalena Rowan says:

    Such a great message! I definitely feel judged based on my food restrictions often. But I eat the way I do for a reason & definitely not for them ahaha! You have to do what works for you & what makes you feel your absolute best!

    -Madi xo |

  6. Sonja Hoff says:

    Absolutely! If people are going to judge you based on something that has nothing to do with them, they’ll find a way to do so no matter what. Might as well do what you want!

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