5 Quick Beauty Pick-Me-Ups

Hey ladies.

I thought it was time for a quick beauty post.

Here’s 5 quick beauty pick-me-ups to have you feeling more put together and beautiful.

  1. PAINTED NAILS. You don’t need to get a manicure to have your nails looking pretty. There are so many pretty nail polish colors at stores. Having my nails done always makes me feel like my look is complete. I think it looks so classy to have a French manicure or nicely painted fingernails. This is a simple thing you can do at home and it always looks nice.
  2. WEARING EARRINGS. There’s something about earrings that just make a woman look more feminine. I LOVE EARRINGS. I feel almost naked without them on if I’m going out. The bigger the earring the better is my opinion, lol. Wal-Mart has been having clearances on their jewelry where you can get cute earrings for as low as $1!! Earrings just make your outfit pop!!
  3. LIP COLOR. Not everyone is comfortable wearing lipstick but having some color on your lips is always so pretty and it’s pretty on everyone! I LOVE lipstick but if its not your thing you can try a lipgloss. They have so many colors that can have your face looking fierce.
  4. SIGNATURE SCENT. Do you wear perfume? I have two go-to scents that I wear daily. I love when people tell me that I smell good. When you smell good it just brightens up all of your surroundings. You should find a scent or two that works for you. I personally wear “Curious” by Britney Spears and I can’t remember the others name but it’s Paris Hilton’s Pink bottle. I’ve been wearing Curious since I was 21. I love it.
  5. SHOES. Y’all had to know this was coming. haha. SHOES LADIES!!! Your shoes can make your whole outfit that much more fabulous! There are soooooooo many options for shoes and shoes that’ll make you feel confident and lovely. I am a heels girl and love all the different styles that change the entire look of your outfit. It’s like magic. Your shoes can truly boost your confidence. Invest in some shoes that you love, feel comfortable in, and that help rock your style!