PETA called me a WHALE

Ok, so before I jump in I just want to state that what PETA did happened years ago. After some public outrage they took the billboard(s) down and replaced it/them with a different but similar campaign. Their ultimate goal was stop people from eating animals and they used weight loss as an incentive to do so.

When I saw the picture of the billboard I was just shocked.

I shouldn’t have been…considering it was PETA and I think they are extremely, hmm…extreme.

I love animals but they go too far in my opinion.

I was happy to know it didn’t happen recently but back in 2009 and that they did remove the billboard(s).

Regardless of the timeline the point to this post remains the same.

  • Fat people are not a joke. Calling me and other fat people “whales” is mean and juvenile. And even if I can be secure enough to compare myself to a large animal this behavior isn’t something that should happen. And if you’re going to choose an animal, go with a pig, because Miss Piggy is fabulous. 😉
  • Fat-shaming people into losing weight is dangerous (emotionally, physically, and mentally).
  • You cannot know if someone is healthy or not based on their weight. This is a fact.
  • My body, even with fat on it, is beautiful. Period.
  • Fat-shaming is 100% real, vile, and ruining lives.
  • Every human should be treated equally. Fat or thin we all have souls and deserve respect as human beings.
  • Companies who fat shame should be boycotted. Lol, okay that just made me laugh even writing. I don’t think I’ve ever boycotted a company but the point is, it’s wrong and I wouldn’t want to support any company or campaign that put people down for their appearance or size.
  • As a human being I have every right to take up space in this world. As we all do. I shouldn’t need to be thin to be accepted or respected.

Sweet friends, if we continue to define our value and worth as humans by our weight, size, and appearance we are going to end up depressed, insecure, and living our lives secluded…trapped by the fear of being judged, made fun of, and ridiculed.

For years I spent summers indoors. As much as I love the pool and the beach I didn’t want anyone to see me in a bathing suit. I was ashamed of my body. I wasted so many years not truly living my life, making memories, or having fun because I didn’t want anyone to look at my body and judge me for being fat.

I remember one time I was almost in tears because we were going to a theme park and I didn’t want to be seen in a tank top. It breaks my heart but this is a reality for A LOT of people.

How stupid of me though. This is my ONE life and I am going to not truly live it because I’m afraid of people’s shallow opinions? Seriously?

Never again.

Even if I feel insecure, and I still have my days where I do, I will never allow those feelings to stop me from getting out and enjoying my life!

So to PETA and anyone else who thinks it’s okay to belittle men and women for their size, you can kiss my fat butt.

lol, theres no classy way to say that. 

Fat is an adjective to describe me. It’s no different than saying I am a brunette. Being fat does not make me lazy, ugly, less than, unworthy, pathetic, or less of a human being.

I am a woman. Period.