Taking Off Your “Insecurity” Glasses

It’s funny to me that when I see myself, features I once considered flaws, now look differently.

Before I started changing my thinking when it comes to beauty and body image, I would have seen this picture of myself and wanted it to be deleted ASAP.

I would’ve zoomed in to my double chin, my bulging belly, my fat thighs, my thinning hair and be thankful I’m wearing a hat.

But now I see this photo and I see me.

Ah, that just made me really teary.

I see ME. A precious creation of God Himself. A cherished daughter of the Most High King of Kings.

I see a quirky, classy, bubbly, confident ME.

I see a girl who has turned into a woman.

Those thighs have walked through so many journeys.

My belly has carried 5 beautiful children and I’ve given birth to 2 of them.

My chins have enjoyed many a good meal with friends and family.

I see ME.

I don’t see through the world’s glasses of what BEAUTIFUL is and isn’t anymore.

I don’t see the “flaws”.

I see a WOMAN, a person, a HEART.

When we take off the insecurity glasses that the world/society has placed over our eyes, we can finally see ourselves and others for what and who they really are.

We wont see FAT. We will see a SOUL.

We wont see double chins, we will see a smile or maybe a frown…we’ll see FEELINGS.

If you were to truly see yourself for the TRUTH you’d stop hating what you aren’t and love who you are!

Sweet friend, please please please stop the daily obsessive thoughts of wanting to be thinner and prettier. Being skinny is not the answer. It’s not a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card or a Happy Pill.

You’ll never be truly happy and at peace within yourself until you can be confident in your own skin, no matter what that skin looks like. You have to trust that the world has lied to you, keeping you feeling insecure so that you will continue to purchase items to fix yourself.

You do not have a skinny person inside yourself begging to get out of your current body. You have an insecure and broken person trying to find peace in their skin.

You have been lied to, manipulated, and brainwashed to believe that being bigger is bad. That fat should be hidden. And that skinny people are the happy, pretty, and successful ones.

Take the insecurity glasses off and see yourself for the truth. You Are Beautiful. Period.

1 thought on “Taking Off Your “Insecurity” Glasses

  1. Mimi says:

    Love love love this post!!! I’ve had some complications post partum that have caused a lot of weight gain. If this was years ago, this would have destroyed myself confidence, but right now it is a journey of learning to live myself no matter the size. I don’t do it perfectly, but Reading posts like these are so encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

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