Authentically Beautiful

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What started out as a Vlog to track a six week weight loss challenge turned into one of the most life changing experiences for me.

I decided to put myself out there. I was scared. Oh billy, was I scared. For years and years, I have been ashamed of my size. I was so embarrassed of my weight that I wouldn’t let my body be seen in photographs.

I would hate going out with friends or to events because I never felt pretty enough. And if I did go, I was focusing on what I looked like the entire time. It was consuming me in the most toxic way.

Being over 200 lbs. I felt like a monster most days.

Seeing myself in a photo or a video that someone tagged me in shot literal anxiety through my body. I hated myself and every day was an obsessive thought-life of figuring out how to lose weight, how to do better, how to hide my fat, how to look prettier, how to avoid being judged, how to be skinnier, how to look more attractive, how to not feel so ugly.

Can anyone else relate?

Friends, the moment I realized how badly I’ve been lied to was the moment I started breaking strongholds in my life and living in true freedom.

I finally believed that I am beautiful. Truly beautiful, even at a size 18, even with double and sometimes triple chins, even with a belly, even with cellulite, even with freckles, even with a big nose, even with thin hair, even with thighs that touch.

I am a soul. I am not a body.

My body is the dwelling place for my soul.

Your outward appearance is not a reflection of what is in your heart and your heart is where your beauty comes from.

That is gospel truth.

Your absolute attractiveness is not determined by what someone else thinks about you.

Opinions are not truth.

We cannot waste our precious time living in fear. We need to be out there and enjoying our lives!!!! We should be making memories, wearing what we love, enjoying our loved ones, pursuing our passions, laughing, living honestly with who we are.

If someone isn’t attracted to you, who cares? Why do we care? I don’t think every man and woman out there is physically appealing but that doesn’t mean that my opinion is their absolute truth. Do you see how silly this all is?

Your size, small or big, cannot hinder you from living life to the full. We must stop believing that our size defines us as a man or a woman. Make healthy choices and your body will respond.

Please, live your life. No more half-living. Go be your beautiful, authentic, free, passionate, extroverted, introverted, quirky, weird, quiet, loud…whoever you are, self.

Your physical traits make you uniquely stunning. Your kind heart shining through makes you glow.

That’s the best beauty secret: Love others. Love yourself. And of course and most importantly, Love God.

Authentically Beautiful.