Obsessed With “Pretty”

There’s a quote I’ve seen often that goes something like this:

Pretty is not the rent I pay to live in this world.

I really like this quote and then the other day, I read this on Beauty Redefined’s Instagram.

I read this at least 5x in a row. I needed it to really sink in.

I have been guilty of masking things like stretch marks and cellulite as beautiful. It was my way of trying to remove the negative and make it positive. It was a way to change how we perceive flaws.

But this quote is SOOOOO right and SOOOOO true.

Why does everything have to be pretty or beautiful?

What’s wrong with just being human and even unattractive?

I found myself feeling those growing pains as this truth sunk deep into my heart.

I don’t want to be a woman who continues to strive for attractiveness and beauty in everything there is about myself. That’s essentially just contributing to the overall problem and that’s that humans need to be appealing to the eye, at all times.

We are so much more than our looks or how people perceive what we look like.

There are so many more adjectives that we can use to describe one another; adjectives that have NOTHING to do with looks.

I was a terrible student growing up. I have a very free-spitit kind of mind. My grades reflected that for sure.

I remember I was like 21 years old and my best friend described me as “really smart” and I cried.

Hearing you’re cute and pretty and hot is nice but it’s never given me the emotional reaction that being called “really smart” did.

Can we start focusing on more than just outward appearances?

Can we stop trying to make everything BEAUTIFUL?

Can we just be human, raw and real, and sometimes not pretty?

I feel like the more we can fight the daily obsession to look good to strangers, friends, family, and any other human out there, we can find so much more richness in our lives.

Ultimately I feel that we need to strike a balance somehow…if that can even happen.

I LOVE make-up, fashion, and getting dolled up. That’s something very natural for me to love and do on a daily basis. I see nothing wrong with that.

What I have seen in myself that I truly hate is the obsession of wanting to be more. The desires to be thin and beautiful, to fit into a standard and a mold.

I don’t want to obsess over my looks anymore.

I want to live my life. Truly and abundantly live it!

I hope I’m not contradicting myself somehow. I will always wear make-up because it makes me feel beautiful and I like to enhance the features God blessed me with.


We waste so much time being incredibly concerned with the opinions of others when it comes to our appearances.

It becomes a toxic obsession to hate who we are currently and strive to perfect ourselves to fit in, to be seen as beautiful, and possibly to have others envy us.

I’m still growing and allowing my heart and mind to heal and change in all these areas; in how I have perceived myself and how I have chosen to live my life for so long.

I can tell you that the more I allow this change to happen, the happier I have become, the more fun I have had, the more free I have felt, and the more authentic I have been.

It’s incredible.