A Different Kind Of Fall Outfit

Hello beautiful friends.

I asked my Instagram followers to vote on today’s post and y’all wanted a FALL OUTFIT post.

I decided to show you my kind of Fall inspired outfit.

As much as I love jeans and cardigans, booties and layers, I am a girl who loves dresses and a more vintage style look.

Now I want to be clear that I am not a true fashionista. Whatever that means.

I believe in dressing in what makes you comfortable and in pieces that you like. So rules like no white after Labor Day…yea, I don’t listen to any of that. lol.

Dressing in a feminine way is my go to. I love dresses, skirts, and heels.

For this Fall look, I went with a yellow skirt because of Fall and paired it with a black polka dot blouse. I love black and don’t think browns are too flattering on me and so you’ll rarely see me in brown.

I think darker colors are peoples go-to for Fall fashion but you can always sparkle up your outfit with darker shades of brighter colors. Like instead of wearing a pastel pink top, wear hot pink. Instead of light blue, go with royal or navy.

This outfit may not work for everyone. We all have our own look and style.

But if you are interested in getting a similar look, I’ve linked look alike pieces below.

I shop at thrift stores so often that I don’t know what brands a lot of my clothes are. But I’ll always do my best to always find very similar clothing items.



VELVET BLACK SHOES >>> CLICK HERE (Mine are from Shoedazzle.com)

This is a great outfit for the day and even maybe a sweet dinner out with your loved one.

Let me know if you recreate the look.

And remember, you are beautiful in your body of today! XOXO.


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  1. Liz Petruzzi says:

    Love the look and your style! The photos are fantastic, the commentary fun. Thanks for a great post!

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