Welcome to my Jesus-Filled, Quirky, Bold Life . . .

with all the fixins.

Hello!! I’m Jillian and this is my Home on the Web.

It would be typical for me as a blogger to say: This is just like you and me having Coffee and Chatting…but the reality is that my blog is more like you coming to my house, us scarfing down a pizza with ranch, in oversized hoodies, and ugly-crying over God’s goodness and our constant failures as His children.
Without daily discipline in the Word, in Prayer, and in Submission I am such a MESS…and not a hot one.
I have been blogging on and off since 2009 and have always been the girl who probably overshares but through those transparent posts of mine I have been able to help women by the dozens in areas like body positivity, overcoming sexual sin, going through marriage restoration, miscarriage healing, and other hard topics. These victories are not accomplished by my own awesomeness but by God’s.
If you dig Christian Content, Some Quirky Humor, Raw Transparency, and a lot of Bold Faith then stick around. Oh and be sure to get pineapple on our pizza.  😉

Let’s Journey Together Ladies! Titus 2 style! xoxo, Jillian


Let’s Journey Together